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Learning Resources Utilization Centre is an educational technology resource centre established under Skills Development Project to improve the quality of teaching and learning at Vocational training Centres across Sri Lanka.

Objective of LRUC

The main objective of LRUC is to help improve the quality and standard of TVET at the district level quality and standard of TVET at the district level through.

Provisions of educational technology, facilities, and learining resources for trainers and trainees.

Dissemination of instructional materials produced or supplied by Learning Resources Development Centre.

Conduct training programs for trainers, trainees and clients on the use of modern training technologies and innovationas to improve the quality of learning.

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Customers of LRUC

There are 3 groups of customers at each LRUC.

The first group consists of teachers and trainees at the parent (or host) training center.

The second groups consists of teachers and student from the satelite training centers.

The third group comprises general customers including private TEVT centers, NGO organizations, and the general public.

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Functions of LRUC

LRUCs will perform 4 functions as follows:

Acquire, maintain, and regularly update instructional materials from LRDC and other sources for use by its clients.

Produce, duplicate, and disseminate CBT learning packages and other instructional materials for wider utilization bu training centers in the local area.

Train trainers, teachers, and resource persons in the effective use of educational resources and materials to improve the quality and maintain standard of programs.

Make available training equipment, learning materials, instructional packages, and related resources for trainers so that they can engage in professional development activities to acquire the skills and knowledge requires to improve their training abilities and similarly for trainees to prepare for jobs.

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Services of LRUC

Conduct in-service teacher training programs

Disseminate/ Distribute/ lend the learining Resource materials

Train teachers and trainees at the satelite centers

Provide the learning resource materials to trainees

Provide knowledge upgrading in modern technology

Provide curricular on competency based training

Opportunaties to global technologies

Computer aided learning facilities

Provide training and facilities for technicians

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Facilities and Equipments

Fully furnished Class room/ laboratory equipped with:

Overhead projector

Color TV and DVD player

Multimedia Projector

Multimedia computers with Internet facilities and Multipurpose photocopying machine

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Resource Materials provided to LRUC

CBT Curricular materials

Compact Disks (CDs) for each trade

Text Books and electronic materials from other sources

Skills standards and assesment resources

Training standards

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To fully benifit from the services of LRUC you should do the following

Visit LRUC regularty on your own and find out as much as possible what is available at LRUC

Learn how to use all the equipment at LRUC to enhance your knowledge and skills

Use the learning resources, modules, multimedia packages, CBT curriculam materials to practice the skills, to increase your knowledge and to prepare for jobs and occupation.

Help your friends to use the learning resources so that they benifit from LRUC like you do

Help maintain, repair, and improve the equipment, resources, so they are in good conditions at all time.

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Contact Us

National Institute of Technical Education of Sri Lanka, 100,Kandawala Road,Ratmalana, Sri Lanka

Tele: 0094-011-2605677

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